Organizing of Marketing Contests

Under the conditions of increasingly fierce competition battle, mobile marketing is a tool of communication and presentation that cannot be substituted. Most often it takes form of a consumer contest where the customers send an SMS message with a unique code.

Legal terms and conditions regarding annunciation and organization of marketing contests and consumer lotteries are stipulated by the Czech Code of Law, especially by the Act No. 202/1990 Coll., on lotteries and similar games. Rules of consumer lotteries combine random winner selection with the obligation of participants to buy a product or take part in a promotional event. These consumer lotteries may be held only up to total prize money 200 000 CZK incl. VAT with one operator; moreover, a single prize must not exceed 20 000 CZK incl. VAT (beside that, these lotteries are subject to other terms and conditions, for example tax office report obligation and limited choice of prizes).

On the other hand, marketing contests either do not select their winner by ballot or other random technique or they do not force the participants to buy a product or take part in promotional event at all. The above given law does not apply to the marketing contests. In addition to the product or services sale support, the contest is also beneficial in the sense of providing a structure of target customer segment and a fast feedback.

We create tailor-made customer contests. Data processing in the operational centre and technical operational support are a part of the services provided. During the campaign, the client has access to current campaign results. When the action is completed, the client gets a detailed campaign statistics and its complete history. Our clients especially value possibility of automatic processing of customer replies and statistics monitoring in real time. Another significant aspect of the SMS campaign is acquisition of a usable database of telephone numbers of action participants.