OBIKONTO Loyalty Program

We have implemented a loyalty program for company OBI Czech republic s.r.o. . For each purchase of goods or services in value 200 CZK, the members got points that they could exchange for bonuses listed in a catalogue. Selection of bonuses took place directly in OBI markets via bonus selection kiosks (computer terminal with a touch screen).

Program facts:

  • Program in operation from September 2003 till December 2004
  • Unlimited system capacity
  • Number of registrations less than 100 thousand.
  • Permanent assortment of bonuses
  • Limited validity of points
  • Network of 16 sales location involved

Scope of services provided:

  • IT and marketing consultation
  • Proposal of system function linked to OBI Club
  • Proposal of program rules
  • Delivery and implementation of loyalty SW into client's environment
  • Operation of a central base for point clearing
  • Maintenance of customer accounts
  • Operation of a contact centre
  • Back office operation: info line, registration, claims
  • Operation of dedicated OBIKONTO web
  • Proposal of solution, operation of kiosks for bonus selection
  • Statistic outputs